($CNTX) Context Therapeutics Manufacturing agreement with Lonza for CTIM-76
Context Therapeutics is a clinical-stage women’s oncology company. Lead candidate ONA-XR is a ‘full’ PRA being evaluated in three Phase II and one Phase Ib/II clinical trial in hormone-driven breast, endometrial and ovarian cancer. The other asset is a bi-specific monoclonal antibody, CLDN6xCD3.

Context Therapeutics has signed a manufacturing agreement with Lonza to develop CTIM-76 (active ingredient and final product form), its bispecific antibody clinical candidate for claudin 6 (CLDN6)-positive cancers. The collaboration marks a crucial step required to progress CTIM-76 towards the clinic. As a reminder, in December 2022, Context announced the selection of CTIM-76 as its CLDN6 clinical candidate (co-developed with partner Integral Molecular) and is currently undertaking investigative new drug (IND)-enabling studies with the goal of submitting the IND application in Q124.

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