Microsoft and google are fine
Given prior growth compares and currency headwinds these figures are good, and for google given it’s valuation they are GREAT. Maybe some bad news on call but I’m happy with these prints.
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I love em both; but Google’s valuation is criminal. To see what people pay for companies losing money, while Google trades at such ridiculous valuations is🤯and leads to📉
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@wall_street_deebo Any ideas as to why the market's not interested? Do you think it has to do with the regulatory threat?
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Could have been far worse considering current environmental. Will be looking to add to current positions after Fed Day tomorrow.
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Exactly this.
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Do you think they are running low on cash on hand?
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I agree, $MSFT also impressed with Azure growth of 40%. $GOOG seems ok valued to me at what is now expected to be 22x P/E for this year, but $MSFT seems to trade at 30x this year P/E which still seems high to me. For $MSFT not much room for multiple expansion in this environment and growth probably also won't be that high so the fundamentals am not sure when will catch the valuation levels. Maybe I am the only one to worried about this when it comes to $MSFT.