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$MSFT I think what Microsoft and OpenAI are building is the App Store of tomorrow with the plugin ecosystem contemplating their chatbots and copilots. $GOOGL is heading this direction too. This could be a massive driver of profitability moving forward, besides ad monetization.

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Rihard Jarc
Agree, the big LLMs are building an ecosystem where other companies will hook on their business model, similar to Cloud SaaS marketplaces and App stores.
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Nathan Worden
Do you think there will be a whole new App Store specifically for AI apps and plugins, or will these apps just incorporate into the Google Play store, and Apple App store? Does Microsoft have its own version of an app store?
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Samuel Meciar
@nathanworden I’m looking mostly at the enterprise use cases. Here, this reminds me of the marketplaces that SaaS solutions have for all sorts of integrations with 3rd parties. I think Google and Apple catch some part of the consumer movement but wouldn’t be surprised to see Microsoft go there as there were some rumors they might as Apple will be forced to open up to 3rd party app stores soon.
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