Community Shoutout: Yegor
Yegor is on a radically transparent investing journey— aiming to take 100k and turn it into $1M, all while documenting the ups and downs. It's not easy to invest in public like this, but Yegor gets it done while simultaneously being an excellent husband and father to his two girls.

You're not likely to meet a more approachable investor. If you've got a moment to say hi, Yegor is a great connection to make.

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Josh Rozin's avatar
One of my favourite follows 💯
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@josh thank you my friend 🙏
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Thank you Nathan 🙏 much appreciate it .. it ain’t easy but all good things take hard work :)
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@from100kto1m love that mindset- it’s true that good things are worth the work :)
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Rooting for Yegor!
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@investmenttalk thanks Conor 😀