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$LULU CEO’s compensation
Calvin McDonald, CEO compensation grew from $10.6 in FY20 to $13.3M in FY21 (⬆️ of 25%), while revenue and operating income grew by 42% and 69%, respectively.

60% of his compensation was in the form of PSUs and Stock Options.
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What's your opinion on it?

Seems fair to me.
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Agreed. It definitely seems within range...

$TJX CEO Ernie Herrman made $31.8M in 2022
$NKE CEO John Donahoe II made $28.8M in 2022
$RL CEO Patrice Louvet made $18.6M in 2022
$TPR CEO Joanne Crevoiserat made $13.7M in 2022
$ULTA CEO David Kimbell made $8.5M in 2022

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@thethinkinginvestor absolutely fair. The increase is reasonable (if not less than expected) and the structure of cash vs stocks make him have skin in the game.



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