Thank you to the 50+ people that came out to "The Market" stock pitching game yesterday!
Congratulations to Leandro @invesquotes who won the game and the $150 prize with his pitch of Digital Turbine! I will be posting the replay of his pitch tomorrow if you missed the game.

@iangray won runner up in a highly competitive game where everyone brought great insight. @ayeshatariq, @rihardjarc, @awallis, and @tomato all had fantastic pitches— I'll be posting those in the next week for you to check out as well.

Also special thanks to Michael Panebianco @tecantra who gave some fantastic technical analysis on each of the pitches!

Next month we already have @couch_investor confirmed to pitch, make sure you sign up if you'd like to meet Neil in real (Zoom) life! Register for the Sat. Dec. 11th game here:

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Had a blast! Thanks for organizing Nathan!
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Happy to! Was super fun to hear all the pitches :)
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Well done @invesquotes, I look forward to watching the recording
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Here is the replay of Leandro's winning pitch, the rest of the pitches will be released in the next couple of days:

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If you'd like to join a group chat with the six contestants from the Market Game on Saturday, you can do so here!