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I believe the choice should be dependent on an investor's individuality. For someone who is more prone to anxiety/worries/impulses, it is almost better to hold index funds and real estate. I have an ex-colleague who only invests in real estate - no equity exposures, except for $GS stock grants, and she is perfectly comfortable with it. I cannot see her holding stocks in a bear market - she would have capitulated. She prefers to watch Netflix than hold $NFLX.

On the other hand, you have those who enjoy digging into research or want to feel like part business owners via stock ownership. If that gives them meaning and joy, why limit to X number of stocks? As long as asset allocation rules are observed, of course.
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@consumeowntech agree with you 100% social media can make us believe like we have to be like others “own 2 companies and anything else is an inferior way and you are a loser”

But I’m reality life is messy and we are all different some can outperform with 2 others will blow up with 2 some can outperform with 30 others will blow up with 30

Some will add in bear market other will sell out due to xyz

The first rule before you even start investing should be : “know thyself” and know what kind of game you are playing

With the end result (I think) is surviving long enough and the compounding will take care of it to reap the rewards
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@from100kto1m Exactly - got to remain liquid to survive the storms. I remember Ryan Cohen sold $CHWY for $3.3B and put all his proceeds into two stocks $WFC and $AAPL. Worked out for him and his personality profile. Different strokes for different folks



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