I Started GRIT with a mission to democratize investing by:

👉 Making you laugh

👉 Making you learn

👉 Making you money

Now, the GRIT community has grown to +425,000 followers & is stronger than ever.

But we’re only getting started!

It’s time to join in on the fun… 🧵👇

Personal finance should never be “Guru” trading courses, get-rich-quick schemes, or pump-and-dump crypto/NFTs.

Everyone’s path is different.

The goal here is curiosity. I always aim to provide transparent & honest market commentary while learning and growing with my tribe.

I used to be a $100M+ money manager and started GRIT with the goal of pulling back the curtains.

When I talked to many of my friends, too many of them saw finance as a bit of a black box.

I wanted to tear down these barriers.

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