How long will you let runner run before selling?
I’m interested in seeing how people would treat multi-baggers in the portfolios.
If you had 1 stock in your portfolio that ran up, at what level of concentration would you begin trimming?
16 VotesPoll ended on: 09/11/22
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I have my sleep number set at 25% in my Roth IRA and 40% in my Taxable
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@scorebdinvestor Nice. You have anything run up to those limits yet?!
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@thethinkinginvestor Yes. My taxable portfolio was an account started for my wife that was almost 100% $CMA when we got married. Have worked to trim that down to a more reasonable size - primarily through adding new capital
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I’m very comfortable at 20%. I hope the answer is >76%. As long as the business is solid and the multiple doesn’t get crazy like second half 2021. I still like and follow $BILL but when the PS was >100 I had to let it go
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@rpinvestments Nice. I'm honestly fine with it being over 75%. I haven't had anything over 25% yet. But even at that point, I had zero issues holding. Will be interesting to see when I get there at some point in my investing career. Like you said, as long as the business is getting better I have no problem keeping. But if it were to get to something crazy like your PS of 100x I would be out in a flash.
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20%+ for me
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@investmenttalk Have you had anything go up to that point for you yet?