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This is why you see so many stocks in my portfolio
As I approach retirement age (goal is 2033), for the last 5 years I have been gradually moving my investments to a more conservative, dividend growth portfolio. This is the portfolio I have connected here.

I still have a growth aggressive portfolio with Fidelity, not connected for personal reasons.

My DRiP portfolio has 70ish stocks. This is why:

Instead of paying fees to ETFs, I use M1 finance to create my own ETFs. I have 8 “pies”, and in each pie I own the companies I believe will pay me my retirement dollars.

The pies are split this way: Tech, Consumer discretionary/staples, industrials, Energy/ Utilities, financials, healthcare, semiconductors, defense.

The rules to get on my portfolio will be part of the next message.

Some say it is too conservative, it again, 25% of my investments are still in growth mostly tech portfolio.

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