It's blood bath, what is your d1 return?
I am down 3.3% today, how about you?
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About 4-5% -- high technology focus is painful today.

Fun to shop for stocks though.

As my golfing buddies say, if you go "on tilt" far enough, eventually you'll be upright again.

We'll see if this works for investing 😂
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@joryko - I hope so l, because the alternative is I’m “throwing good money after bad” 🤣
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Down 0.83%
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4% in the taxable, 1% in the non-taxable
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Down 1.13%
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-7.06 right now.
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imageI’ve been adding to $FB since I initiated a position immediately following the overnight 25% drop. $WIRE, $KLIC, and $ATKR I have bought within the last 10-14 days. Maybe a month for $WIRE; get my personal, retirement, and both custodial accounts mixed up in Stash sometimes🤣🤣.

But since there’s a blood bath today, it looks like I’ll be adding to Coinbase, T. Rowe Price, PayPal, and Texas Instruments, based on which holding are down the most after a quick glance. These are my favorite days🤗love when my favorite stocks are on sale. Come to papa💰

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Down about 6.5%
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We’ll after looking at every single position shared here on CS; I have two flat today and this is my one “winner” for the day🤣image