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$34.3m follower assets
Just exercised my first set of buys for 2023. Added to $DDOG, $MDB & Initiated a position in $MNDY which I have planned to do for a few months.
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Thanks for sharing. Not sure if you saw, but looks like raised prices on its Pro Plan by 35% recently. Thoughts?
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@ccm_ryan No I didnt, thats a great catch, thanks! If they did so, it’s a great news given that it implies they really are bringing a lot of value to the businesses running on their platform, and as their value proposition increases with the addition of new integrations, boards, etc., I think it’s appropriate they exercise their pricing power and get closer towards FCF and profitability overall!
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If I had to rank these three, I'd put $DDOG first, followed by $MDB, and then $MNDY. The competition in $MNDY's space is just so strong I'm having a hard time seeing a true competitive advantage.
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@tomato their competitive advantage is their versatility I would say. The fact that they are adding new dedicated products like Monday CRM or Monday Dev, which are gaining lots of traction among the clients that are now allowed in, before it is publicly available to all, new integrations and boards, ... they are moving really fast, raising prices and improving value proposition while pushing closer towards profitability. They are practically able to replace spreadsheets and all sorts of obscure tools that are not intended for productivity and make sense of the data while improving efficiencies. Their clients speak for themselves:



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