Rivian: Buying a Tried-and-Tested Tesla EV versus Taking a Bet on a Rivian?
Curiously, Tesla ($TSLA) does not really have a traditional SUV model. The closest thing might be a Model X, but its winged doors look a bit tricky; Model Y is a tad small.

Rivian ($RIVN), on the other hand, produces the R1S, a classic SUV. I wonder, however, if potential customers should be concerned with the challenges that the company is facing: high cash burn rate; increasingly expensive capital raise; delayed scaling. Will Rivian be able to provide good post-purchase servicing, which require further manpower and capital investment? Will the initial batch of R1S vehicles be well-made, or will they have a bunch of technical issues they can fix? Will Rivian even be around?

Personally, I would rather buy a tried-and-tested Tesla any day, especially when they are consistently refreshing all the S3XY models to make them better. My partner seems intent on buying the R1S, even placing a (refundable) deposit for it. Perhaps I am also too biased (Tesla fan) to want to take a chance on the R1S?

Rivian EVs - yay or nay?
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I love both Tesla and Rivian vehicles, but as a shareholder of Rivian I have to say go with the R1S!

Hope whichever you decide to go with treats you well though.
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@seasnar haha thanks. Probably an impasse for a while. He’s a $RIVN shareholder too ;)
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@consumeowntech It's a tough decision for sure 😅 Love to hear that though! 👀
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Interestingly, the only car company that Rihanna follows on Instagram is Rivian. She even appeared at the unveiling of the R1T in 2018.

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