Great time to buy consumer internet businesses
Initiated positions in $DASH $ABNB $SPOT and thinking about $HOOD $DUOL $COUR

Will keep piling for next 3 years.
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Question for you, and I know its a bit redundant given you are a LT investor.

I'd say that some of these companies could be considered highly discretionary. In a recession, people eat out less (DASH), travel less (ABNB), have less disposable income for investing (HOOD), learning (DUOL) and they cut monthly expenses like SPOT, although I must say that Spotify is likely very low down on that list of expenses someone would cut first.

Do you feel the bad juju is priced in to these names?
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@investmenttalk i feel like its already priced in, they might drop further, but this is good entry point for me and I am going to keep buying for next 3 years, so if they drop good for me(advantage of having income and being a retail investor) none of $DASH $ABNB $SPOT are going anywhere for next 10+ years
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What factors specifically are making you consider $COUR?
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@joeyhirendernath Globalization of US education brands over the world for all consumers who can afford them, and I think thats a lot, and amazing progress on their enterprise business.

They are core part of the infrastructure needed to modernize/ digitally transform old/dinosaur institutions