So many stocks getting obliterated. Crazy.
Jeff Sanders's avatar
Yeah this is tough not gonna lie, I can’t sleep at night of late.
Irish Born Investor's avatar
@darthtrader if you can’t sleep you need to rethink stuff. If something in particular keeping you awake. Sell it. Thank me later.
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@darthtrader I haven't lost a minute of sleep. Risk management is important, check out your thesis and allocations maybe?
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Definitely been a tough time. But excited to get through it and be better for it afterwards 💪
Joey Hirendernath's avatar
Makes me kind of excited to be honest.
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@joeyhirendernath It does, in the moment it hurts, but I've been putting more and more money into the market. Put more weight into high convictions $AMZN, $GOOG, $ASML and the likes.
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I’m looking at some of my portfolio and remind myself it can always be worse.

For example I bought $SPCE for around $17 which given it’s current price is $5.85 is a chunky loss but it has a high of $55! Someone bought it at that price and at least I’m not that person.
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@odysseus Yeah, its crazy. I started buying $FVRR after a 40% drop from highs and now my position is down 55% after averaging down.
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Today was especially bad out there. I'm seeing a lot of interesting opportunities ($SHOP $TTD $ADYEY $FVRR come to mind) but I am pretty upset at the same time. So my feelings are mixed. I haven't lost any sleep, though.
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@tomato Yeah no sleep lost. Net worth down like 25% from ATH, I'm holding up well. So many quality names at very attractive levels.
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$DM crash caught my eye
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@dissectmarkets 3D print, right? I don't know anything about that market
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@stonkmetal all I know is that Chamath sees 3D printing as the new stage of innovation.