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Interesting article written by Ben McKenzie and Jacob Silverman in the Washington Post.
I am very happy to see Ben (who I also like as an actor from when I was a teenager) using his time and fame to talk about crypto scams.

Enjoy the reading 👇

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That’s wild. I have mentioned in a few crypto posts that I hate Binance U.S. I only put $100 into each crypto exchange initially. Then bought & sold crypto, withdrew money, and deposited it once again. If the process was smooth, I stayed. and Gemini are easy and U.S. based, much more transparent. And honestly, that’s the advantage Coinbase has in being the only publicly traded, and therefore scrutinized by the SEC, crypto exchange. I feel safer with my money somewhere this side of the Atlantic with a company under the SEC’s eyes. Soon as I saw Binance was domiciled in the Caymen Islands, I figured these conversations would come eventually.

Not only are they shady with not giving me my money back, but they’ll drop their staking rewards from 6% to 1% and not even send an email. Gemini sends an email if an APY changes from 6.4% to 6.1%. And Binance is the ONLY platform that’s ever wiped out a staking yield drastically like that. Crooks in my book.