Is it time to rip? Fed raised rates by 0.75, my portfolio thinks so
Is it the beginning of a secular bull market? I know we have a madman causing chaos(Russia), but in general, it seems like we are moving towards being more optimistic.

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The market liked that hike with stock indices closing higher today. Now it remains to be seen what the actual impact will be.
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I think we need to see a really low CPI report for the market to turn for good. the FED has shown that they are ready to put the rates high but the big answer we need to see is that they are actually effective, given from what components inflation is being driven mostly.
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@rihardjarc there is lag, i think we will see some effect!
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@growthinvesting i think so too. Let’s hope for all that it happens.
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What makes you say that? Are there not more hikes coming?
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@joeyhirendernath rate hiking is done to counter inflation which will lead to multiple snowballing optimistic trends