Never played H-O-R-S-E with investments but times change 🤷‍♂️Was never a FAANG guy, more of a value investor. But with valuations coming down to all-time low levels, I have taken the opportunity to get into some wonderful companies at more than fair prices. I doubt I’ll ever own Amazon but Apple is on the radar (and I can spell FANG with 1 A) The crazy growth days may be over but at earnings multiples between 15-20, they are still plenty attractive to me. Especially Google😉
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Why no $AMZN? Just grabbed some literally today for the first time in 5 years 😄
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@jensen Welcome! I agree with the question. Curious why AMZN isn’t an option for OP. I’ve been holding since $700ish.
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@interrobangbros $AMZN has larger inflation risk
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What I absolutely love about fractional investing. You can buy a bit of almost anything.
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Just never like the valuation, every time I do a head to head, I add to $FB or $GOOG ,and the unhappiness of Amazon employees bothers me. While most employees hate their company and want to unionize, Bezos is pretending to be an astronaut. I usually don’t buy into growth u til they’re significantly undervalued. Once they go through their first hate phase, I usually get in. Almost bought immediately when they dropped 14%-16% recently. I’m the kind of contrarian investor that takes advantage of irrational price swings, so I usually swoop in and buy when something stupid like that happens, just wasn’t quite far enough for me. $NFLX had to drop ~30% 2x before I bought in. Netflix, Facebook, and Google had P/E’s below 20 and EV/EBITDA below 15 before I bought. Not the 51/22 of Amazon. Still a little rich for my blood🤣