Performance Update
The below is the results from all the aggregate managed capital (Many separate managed accounts for people who have different risk profiles).

Underperformed the S&P 500 in 2021 and likely in 2022.
Reasons for underperformance:
  • No energy & materials sector holdings
  • Concentrated in technology
  • A bet on homebuilders that hasn't worked out, yet.

The biggest lesson is to diversify the timeline of my bets so that I don't underperform as much as in 2022.

I'm confident that over the long-run, my portfolio will outperform but we'll see if I can close the gap.

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Thanks for sharing this 🙏
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Thanks for this performance update, Gabriel. Really appreciate the transparency and takeaways you've shared.

Which 3 stocks do you think have the highest return potential in your portfolio? Would you say this affects your allocation size?