YETI Holdings, Inc. $YETI
1. Is the company undervalued?
EV/EBIT: 16.34
EV/Sales: 3.01
Price/Book: 9.64

$YETI has nearly 10X’d sales since 2014 and trades at a reasonable valuation. However these metrics are backwards looking and there’s reason to believe growth will decelerate moving
forward. Nonetheless $YETI is throwing off tons of free cashflow and should continue to grow for some time. The business is also incredibly profitable, which makes $YETI an interesting idea.

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$YETI's ability to continue to offer new product lines has admittedly surprised me in the last several years. A fan of their flagship product, I wasn't ever inclined to be a shareholder but their cult-like following that seems to need to own everything they put on the market keeps the brand stronger than ever...I often compare Yeti to $LULU in that it's a great example of a product that is a great gift for others, but you don't often find yourself pulling the trigger on buying it yourself, lol. Maybe that's just me..
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@jensen Can honestly I've never bought one of their products, but then again I'm a cheap value investor lol