The Right Side of Change
I’m looking to be on the right side of change.

The market loves to pay an absurd premium for companies on the right side of change, because these are companies that will reinvent themselves along new S-curves time and time again.

Potential candidate: Facebook. Or whatever it calls itself in a week.

$FB reinvented itself to go from desktop to mobile.

It reinvented itself to go from a stand-alone to a family of apps with Instagram and What’sApp.

Facebook’s upcoming name change to something Metaverse related signals it’s continued evolution, staying on the right side of change.

Time to jump to a new S-Curve.
Gaurav Kotak @ Fincredible's avatar
Great point. Netflix: DVDs --> Streaming --> Own content.

But only works if the new S-Curve is significantly larger and they can dominate. Metaverse is certainly huge TAM but also a larger leap for FB. I'm intrigued but at least for FB for now uninvested.
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The issue here could be an ethical conundrum: is $META’s side “the right side”?
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@mnr you're probably not wrong. What do you find more troubling, the lack of data privacy, or the social impact of Facebook being used in scenarios like the Cambridge Analytica scandal that pushes our society into more polarization?
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@andybuchanan The goal of connecting people and businesses is honorable. But optimizing for dopamine rush alone is not. If you were just a neutral platform, we could have an interesting discussion, but since you position stuff with an algorithm you have developed, you are as responsible as the ones posting bad s**t on your platform. I’d like to see more awareness and auto-criticism from FB. They’re optimizing too much for business, and they have little to no consideration for collateral damage.

But, hey, what a fabulous business they have!
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Well put— it's easy to see why Facebook is incentivized to behave the way they have. Very much hoping for a future where the community has more power and companies are held accountable for "economic externalities." @sidnistandard just wrote about that concept here:

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@gkotak Netflix is a great example here.



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