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Trending Assets
Top investors this month
Weekly update 8/11/23
Another week has passed us by. A week full of swings and dings to the account. Overall for the week we are .5% down, not too shabby compared to VOO at .85% down. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.
Yieldmax etf
This week I continued dollar cost averaging into many of the yieldmax etfs. I will have a more in depth look into my strategy and reasoning in a later post most likely next week. I’ll have some of the trades linked to this post.
This week’s swings
We had a couple of swings this week. $IMPUY $WDS (not sure why wds is listed as a 9% gain it was around a 5% gain) and I sold $IFF after hours today for about a 1% gain. I’m not very happy with my decision to go into it earlier this week so I was happy to get out at just above even money. Check the linked trades to this post for more info.
The “safe” etfs
I deposited a little more into $VOO $QQQ and a larger sum into $JEPI. These are my safer plays and make up a large sum of my portfolio combined.
What’s going on in my life
Tomorrow I move into my college apartment. It’s been a really fun summer swing trading every weekday, and I’m super grateful to have had the opportunity to start investing this early. We are still at about 40% cash left to invest so expect more buys in the short term. My journey in the stock market is only just beginning and I’m super excited to share it all with you. That’s all for this post and I will see you next week

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