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Crowdstrike Q4 Earnings Snapshot
At first glance, looks very impressive (as per usual for $CRWD) with beats across the board.


Gives me comfort being a LT shareholder when execution is steady.

What are your thoughts on the ER?
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Sales execution in Q4 must have been really good to generate that sort of RPO growth (+49% or sequential add of $570mn - a record) and net new ARR of $222mn (also an all time record) in this tough selling environment. 30%+ revenue guide for FY 2023 is a standout among SaaS companies. Impressive and resilient $CRWD
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@consumeowntech agreed! And the fact that $CRWD likes to sandbag guidance, one would have to assume they should be north of the 30% guide for 2023.
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It was a great report! I was initially surprised not to see more of a bounce in $CRWD but I suppose the subdued reaction makes sense in light of stock's steady march higher so far this year.

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