First Big Portfolio Change of ‘23
The first, and probably biggest, change to my portfolio right now just happened.

I’ve decided to change my dividend distribution settings from reinvesting directly into the stock/ETF that gave the dividends to depositing it directly into my account, allowing me to choose where it goes.

The main reasoning behind this:

~ I still hold some stocks in my portfolio from when I first started investing that are not stocks I see in my future portfolio (just waiting on a good time to get out of those positions).

~ Majority of those positions have been reinvesting their dividends, making me lose out on strengthening the foundation of my portfolio.

~ Changing this will allow me to reinvest IF it’s a stock I wish to keep or move the funds elsewhere into something I see a future in.

What settings do y’all use, if your brokerage has those options? And why?
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I reinvest 100% of my dividends and use my monthly allotment to pursue new endeavors. I’m currently earning the equivalent of 2/3rds my monthly allotment in dividends and hopefully will have a 1:1 allocation by the end of ‘23 with my new endeavors and dividend reinvestment being equal amounts due to dividend growth.
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@averageinvestor The plan is to be like that eventually! Once I get rid of those positions I don’t see with a future in my portfolio I’ll probably turn back on reinvesting. Until then, I’ll do it manually.
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What do you think of this statement?

"The best time to sell a stock you no longer want to own, is now".
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@investmenttalk Never heard that one before, probably will take it into consideration this week regarding those positions.



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