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$38.3m follower assets
$DUOL is now 1st and 8th in Apple App Store in Education category. Duolingo Math is seeing massive traction.

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Duolingo is a powerhouse in education, and only getting stronger.
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Speaking from the point of view of a user, the learning experience is unmatched. I used it to brush up my french and introduce myself to some basic japanese. It makes learning a language accessible. I wish I had Duolingo for math when I was in high school though
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Hey Sam question for you just to double check Duolingo didn’t have any funds in SVB right?
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@sammeciar just seen some speculation about them and Airbnb was mentioned on CNBC too another name I’ve heard that could have funds. Names that I like a lot so just curious.
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@christian7621 I'm pretty sure they'll comment on it if deemed necessary. Also, depositors are fully protected as per recent comments from gov bodies so debating this is fairly meaningless. Companies like this tend to have the money spread out through 10+ banks so even in a case where they wouldn't be able to recover these funds, it should ruin them.
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@sammeciar no yeah definitely know they need to comment if deemed necessary them not commenting is telling. No yeah totally understand and am following the situation just was curious if they had money there because again it still would need to be known and come out. More curious then anything lol. But yeah smart companies tend to spread it out unlike roku lol. But thanks for the response. Truly. And Goodluck to Airbnb and Duolingo going forward 😁



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