Chart of the Day - The Merge
This weekend we were glad to host my daughter Lauren Excell & her friends that are all alumni of the The Hoeft Technology & Management Program at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. The program is a joint university minor between The Grainger College of Engineering & Gies College of Business - University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
with the goal to "prepare you to function effectively in a technical, interdisciplinary, team-based industry environment and it will distinguish you as a promising problem solver and future business leader." The program creates a tight network of very talented, driven,
outgoing & fun people. Certainly a high EQ & IQ crowd.

It is also the successful merger of skills & ideas that can be found on a college campus.

We may see something similar happening in The Merge. This week (estimated to be finished early morning on Sept 15), the Ethereum Network is launching the 2.0 version after a few years of thinking & testing ways to improve the speed of transactions & reduce the carbon
footprint of doing so. The network is home to about 71 million crypto wallets & uses about 112 terrawatts of energy per year. For this, about 15 transactions per second are done. There are several proof of work ways to create a new block to verify these transactions. After the
ideas "merge" there will be a new way called proof of stake, which will increase the potential number of transactions per second to as many as 100,000, faster than Visa & Mastercard. It is also estimated to reduce the carbon footprint of the network by 99.9%.

Instead of needing to have powerful servers solving an algorithm, holders of ETH will be able to put up their tokens or 'stake' their ETH which then allows for presumably secure & eco-friendly transactions. It also allows holders to earn a yield on this activity, which turns the crypto into a positive cash flow asset. This is seen to be a potentially very positive catalyst.

Right now, the markets overall are very bearishly positioned & for good reason. The news has been & is expected to continue to be poor. We need a catalyst, good or bad, to get a change in direction. For the last 2 years, ETH & all of crypto have mimicked the investor sentiment seen in all risky assets. You can see that ETH and NDX Index have moved hand in hand. Could The Merge be a catalyst in a very bearish mkt? Could the catalyst come from Ukraine?
China? Corporate earnings? We don't need much good news to get a change in positioning akin to what we saw in July/August.

When you bring together talented people with different backgrounds & perspectives who are willing to work together you can get promising solutions to our problems. I saw it this weekend with my daughter & her friends. We may be seeing this with The Merge. Where else could we
use this now?

Stay Vigilant

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I’m a holder of $ETH.X and believe in them more than any other crypto. But their team claiming they’re going to be faster than Visa & Mastercard (15 to 100,000 tps is a massive leap), and drop emissions by 99.9% sounds a little crazy to me. That’s one hell of an improvement in one step/upgrade. We’ll see. I sure hope so. Right now they want ~$200 worth of $ETH.X to stake $20 worth of $CRV.X most of the time🤦‍♂️the price has ranged from $180-$240, depending on how busy the network is, which is absolutely absurd.