Current $QQQ exposure:
Apple $AAPL: 12.43%
Microsoft $MSFT: 10.72%
Amazon $AMZN: 6.25%
Tesla $TSLA: 4.16%
Alphabet Class C $GOOG: 3.97%
Alphabet Class A $GOOGL: 3.79%
Meta Platforms $META: 3.05%
PepsiCo $PEP: 2.08%
Broadcom $AVGO: 1.93%

YTD Returns: -30.02%
5Y Returns: +99.01%
Preston | Investor Insight's avatar
If you want a buy and hold, consider $QQQM. It’s the same fund - just cheaper expense ratio 👌🏼
Irish Born Investor's avatar
Easier just to buy $QQQ?
Cameron McFarlane's avatar
@irish it seems it... Defiantly less heartache. I’ve been adding more and more
Rihard Jarc's avatar
Every time I see this I am reminded how the $QQQ is really concentrated in 4 names making up almost 40% of the index.
Cameron McFarlane's avatar
@rihardjarc yep! Sometimes I feel like I should just own it and a few other names
Rihard Jarc's avatar
@moneyshark Big portion of the index is filled with great companies that is why the $QQQ is so strong the last years.