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Towards a trillion dollar market cap! Nvidia kicks off AI frenzy as Wall Street calls for $500 price target
This AI wave is so hot that shares of $NVIDIA (NVDA.US)$, a global leader in AI computing power, are rocketing up again.

On May 25, Nvidia was up more than 23% pre-market at $376.32.

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NVIDIA's Q1 results beat expectations by a wide margin, with the brightest data center business posting record revenue. Even more shocking was NVIDIA's revenue forecast for the next quarter, with the company confidently giving guidance of $11 billion, more than 50% higher than expected, which would also be its highest quarterly revenue ever.

The bright numbers that dazzled the market triggered a surge in Nvidia's stock price. At one point, shares rose nearly 30 percent to a new record high after the bell on Wednesday, moving toward the seventh U.S. company with a market capitalization of more than a trillion dollars.

After the financial release, the stock rose 1 $AMD
Nvidia financial cloth after the stock whole after wildly soaring more than 24%, the market value increased by nearly $190 billion, towards trillion, Nvidia after hours rose by a similar often limit out of 1 AMD, 1.5 Intel, 2.5 Micron.

Pulled by Nvidia's strong results, other AI-related companies' stocks have soared after the bell, with $US Supermicro (AMD.US)$ soaring over 8%, $TSMC (TSM.US)$ up over 6%, $MIKRON Technology (MU.US)$ and $ASM (ASML.US)$ up over 2%.

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