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Teladoc Earnings Reaction
Yes I still have a little bag. In my eyes, this was a better Q than the last one (dumpster fire).

We have another Goodwill impairment charge. This time $ 3 billion.

My thoughts below.

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TDOC improving in a lot of metrics. To me the whole Livongo goodwill amount should have already been written off. Dragging it out over multiple quarters is short term stock price (not company) headwind.

12.5% increase in ARPU. 36% yoy increase in visits. Gross margin stable. Improving op margins. Stock based compensation coming down. I’m still holding
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@rpinvestments Results did look pretty solid. if they really wanted Livongo its not a certainty they would have taken a much lower amount of stock $ now, so its probably best they just did the deal when they could.
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What has to happen for you to let go of this little bag? Just to understand your thought process there.
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I dont know the details of TDOC, but I've always wondered what is the moat here? and are the unit economics sustainable?