Terrible Dividend Timing
I find it hilarious that my most recent dividend payout for $TSM was on the pointy-ist of tops before a plummet 😄. It's just a dividend reinvestment so no big deal. But still putting it on my list of 'terrible timings' 🙃

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The VERY top
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Let’s hope this chip shortage worsens and that China doesn’t invade Taiwan. That way, $TSM can go higher
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I recently started using M1 Finance and they have a pretty fantastic way of creating "Pies" and certain allocation percentages in your portfolio so dividends don't automatically get reinvested into the company that paid them but rather invested back across your portfolio based off your actual vs intended allocations.

Kinda cool and could help to avoid reinvesting dividends into a company if it has grown larger than your intended allocation
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@nathanworden my friends and I wonder where can we go to subscribe for Week in Review Trending on Commonstock emails.
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@atajan Hey AJ! Everyone who signs up for a Commonstock account should be added to the Trending on Commonstock email list— let me know if you aren't receiving it!
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@nathanworden awesome, thank you. If you don't mind setting my email subscription to default to include Week in review email to be received I'd appreciate it. I was trying to figure out and might have accidentally unsubscribed 😭
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@atajan I really like to read them