If you look at Adobes offerings, it’s beyond me how people can justify comparing $DOCU to $ADBE, let alone invest in such a no-moat, one-product company.

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Agree $ADBE is a great business, the main question is right now as with other stocks what is the right valuation.
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@rihardjarc Yeah, that's tricky, growth has come down a bit for $ADBE, but so has the stock price. IMO, at this point, it's a clear buy.
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What do you think is a good comparison for ADBE? I think CRM maybe.
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@toasty_trading Good question. I don't think $CRM qualifies if you compare margins, long way to go for Salesforce. $MSFT might be a better comparison.
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I agree - Adobe is a must for many industries; when a company can create a monopoly due to its products' superiority, it's a true winner.
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Do you see $DOCU as an acquisition target?
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@tomato Don't think $ADBE would buy them, IMO they are focused on their own signing products. Maybe interesting for $MSFT, although they still have the big acquisition of $ATVI in the pipeline.
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$ADBE is the definition of a quality company with a strong moat. It is currently on my watchlist. Doesn't look like there is any competitor in sight but I am open to considering contrary opinions
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Way different periods in these companies. $DOCU aspires to be $ADBE