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Might be our last post
Hi Folks,
This might be our last post. Looks like Commonstock is now checking geolocations and it's not permitting Australians on this site.

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Managed to sneak in via setting our VPN server to a US location. Don't know how long that trick will last.
That's OK, we haven't been all that active here lately anyway. We've transitioned to almost a completely passive strategy so we can spend more of our retirement time enjoying other activities and mastering other challenges. We have a whole bucket list of skills and interests we want to pick up but never had the time, chance or opportunity. Since we're both under 60, with any luck we've got a few more decades of health span to achieve those goals.

We'd like to thank all the Commonstock folk we've had engagement with here. We've had fun telling our story and all the ups and downs of our investment journey.

Wishing all the investors at Commonstock all the best in your investment journey.

Signing out:
Colin & Helen

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