Long $MRNA
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$18 billion of cash on the balance sheet was a big talking point too.
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They have so much cash that they can play around with numerous clinical trials.
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@dissectmarkets yep, i think they can scale to a trillion dollar company, they have a great shot at it!
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Careful only reading the share repurchase amount and not an actual decrease in the number of shares outstanding. These are year end share counts for 2019, 2020, 2021.

That should read despite spending a few billion to repurchase shares, our stock based compensation has managed to out pace us, thus diluting existing shareholders
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@rpinvestments Very interesting point!
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@nathanworden @rpinvestments I disagree look at the ratio of SBC v/s revenues or gross profit
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@growthinvesting sorry. But I don’t understand how your chart means that the buybacks are decreasing share count
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Any thoughts on their pipeline? Does $MRNA need to prove itself beyond vaccines to grow meaningfully from here?