Digital Wallet Adoption
Boots on the ground observation, digital wallet adoption much higher in Brazil than US. Everywhere I go there are super easy ways to pay, from little shops, vendors on the beach, and markets. The below chart highlights the explosion in payments in Brazil, ex $MELI.

Companies I observed on a daily basis:

A common occurrence was to be at a little shop and have a regular come into the store, grab an item and tap their card on the $PAGS terminal on their way out the door. Super cool, and I was in payment nerd heaven.

What will it take for the US to see this kind of adoption??

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Love it - I own $MELI and $NU mainly for this reason.

I think Brazil is just earlier on the adoption curve, but at a time when the products/services in Fintech were much more advanced and proven. I think the US will just see slow & steady adoption. But it would be nice to see a “hockey stick” type adoption graph
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Seems like a pretty solid LT trend to me.



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