I’ve started doing some research in this name again after some more talks with @strib. I like to talk things out a lot when I’m first researching a stock and Sam has been super helpful, me and him go back a while talking about this name probably to long lol. But it’s a name that’s always stayed in my mind as I think it’s obviously the #1 saas name with a very strong market share and what really sticks out to me is slack and their ability to grow that. That was such a good acquisition for them. It’s gonna make them a ton of money. What next oh the acquisition list for them lol. We know Marc likes to be active. They just did a stock buyback announced last earnings but next year they could have their eyes on a couple of these beaten down smaller software names.
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Slack is definitely a great one but the Tableau acquisition they did is going to be another huge winner. It’s going to really enhance the user experience when it comes to reporting!
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@strib no yeah I definitely agree there. Slack they talk about more but Tableau I know and remember seeing how important it is. All their acquisitions truly are so perfect for the company. I’m excited if they have anymore in store but even not slack and tableau are gonna grow and be so special for this company. This company just does everything right. Even the stock buyback people said shouldn’t have been announced yet people complain about the stock based compensation so that’s good news then. Also using that money to buyback stocks when this isn’t the time for acquisitions just makes so much sense