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Fundsmith Equity Fund - Annual Letter 2022
Fundsmith Equity Fund Annual Letter 2022 has just been published.

The fund is down 13.8% for 2022 FY and up 478.2% since inception (1st Nov 2010).

Bottom 5 detractors from the performance were:

Top 5 contributors were:

  • Novo Nordisk $NVO +2.1%
  • Philip Morris $PM +1.1%
  • PepsiCo $PEP +0.7%
  • ADP $ADP +0.5%
  • Mettler-Toledo +0.4%

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Source: Fundsmith Equity Fund - Annual Letter 2022

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Love his letters, thanks for sharing 🙏
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Thanks for sharing Todor.
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@stockopine 🙏
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Gotta love the simplicity and elegance of the three step strategy and how Terry Smith ends the letter with a Churchill quote. Very fitting for the climate. Thanks for sharing Todor!
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@joeyhirendernath Pleasure, Joey 🙂
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His letters are a great source of wisdom. I’ve applied many lessons of his to my own portfolio. Thanks for sharing.
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@thethinkinginvestor For sure! Great person as well, Mr. Terry Smith.
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I learned a new word from this letter: triskaidekaphobia (extreme superstition regarding the number thirteen)
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@nathanworden He knows how to engage the audience 🙂



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