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Seeking Alpha
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That way you can read as many articles from these great writers.

And plenty more! (Promote yourself down below).

Why do I use it?

I personally use it as a way to screen through my holdings or potential new holdings.
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For each of these, you get automatically linked/alerted when a new article comes out.
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And of course, you get the latest news, earnings numbers as well and so much more!

So if you think this might be useful for you in 2023, check my affiliate link right HERE to get 50% OFF your 1st year.

Merci :)
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I resisted the pay wall for a while, but I found it worth it just as a news aggregator and sometimes you get good analysis on there! Other times though, really poorly worded and edited pieces and a thesis I can tear apart in minutes 🤣 overall have enjoyed my sub tho! In case anyone was on the fence about it
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@capisce_capital Thanks for sharing! And I agree about the weak pieces but that's what makes it interesting. You can filter out the good from the bad.



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