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Stocks Rally on Seasnar Day
It is my birthday today and it's looking very green! Just felt like shedding light on the nice news (and my birthday of course) hope everyone has a wonderful day. :)

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I texted you but of course I’ll tell you again Happy Birthday man! I remember when we first started talking boy has time changed. We both have gotten better with the help from each other. Your a great friend and I hope you have a fantastic day
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@christian7621 Thank you so much brotha, you are definitely right we've come a long way so far but we definitely got a long journey ahead that I can't wait for! I hope you have an amazing day as well my friend!
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Hoping it closes green for you as a nice bonus birthday gift!
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@acb123 Thank you!! That would be a great gift for many of us!
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Happy Birthday Nick! Setting reminder for next year to get a few call options a day before your birthday :p
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@prometheus Lol!! 😂 it's bound to happen again if it did this year, that's historical data. Thank you so much though! :)
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Happy birthday Nick!
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@nathanworden Thank you so much Nathan!! 😁



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