This might be my last memo on CommonStock
Recently, I started a new job and as part of my new job, I might have to let go of Dissecting the Markets to meet the compliance standards of my employer.

It's been an honor and a fun journey creating content on CommonStock and I'm thankful to have met every single person here and I'm thankful to have every memo that I was able to read on this platform.

Everyone here creates awesome content. The quality of content I've found frequently on this platform is similar to the quality of content I find on SeekingAlpha except the only difference is that there's no paywall preventing me and other people from being able to see their posts.

I hope more writers from SeekingAlpha choose to write their content on CommonStock to help broaden the reach of their writings. While I don't know much on SeekingAlpha's compensation structure, I do know that my writings get more views and engagement if they're made on CommonStock than on Vocal and other platforms. Any aspiring writer that writes about economics, stocks, finance, etc. should consider writing memos on this platform.

I'd like to thank @investmenttalk for introducing me to the platform. Without him reaching out to me on the day that I complained about the StockTwits platform, I wouldn't have learned about this platform.

I'd also like to thank @nathanworden for being my best friend on this platform. Thanks to Nathan, I was able to get help with technical issues, issues regarding spam on the feed, and my vast number of interactions with Nathan made me feel at home on CommonStock. I really enjoyed the Tik Tok videos that you've made with my content on the CommonStock Tik Tok page.

I'd like to thank the rest of the CommonStock team for creating and managing this platform. The impact that CommonStock has made on all of our lives is immense. Without this platform, I wouldn't have gained the wisdom and knowledge from the memos that others have made and I wouldn't have a platform that's easy and fun to create long-form content on. The contests that this platform hosts provided me an opportunity to apply new approaches to the way that I create content. The feedback that I've received from the community greatly helped with improving my overall content creation process. Plus, the prizes allowed me to treat my parents with gifts from Amazon, meals from Chick Fil-A and WingStop, and sometimes groceries.

Finally, I'd like to thank the community for all the support and great interactions we've had with each other. I've made many friends and met tons of amazing people on this platform. From high profile content creators on Twitter to up-and-coming stars of Stock Twitter, without CommonStock, I don't know what other platform allows me to meet people from both of those worlds. I wish you guys tons of growth and success with your content creation journies throughout 2023 and beyond.

I will talk to the compliance department and see whether I'll be given restrictions on the type of content I make or if I have to let go of this account and all the profiles it has on other platforms. For now, I wanted to use this opportunity to give all my readers a heads up because if compliance says I have to delete my account, then I'll have to delete it fast.
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Congrats on the job. At the same time sad to see you leave. Cheers!
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@rihardjarc it’s been a pleasure to have you as a friend on this platform! I’m going to miss you.
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@dissectmarkets Appreciate it! Good luck my friend :)
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Thanks so much for all of the excellent writing you’ve shared with the community. It’s been an honor getting to know you and I’d love to keep in touch regardless of the outcome with compliance. Wishing you all the best! 🤩🤓🙂
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@nathanworden we will definitely keep in touch! Good thing I have your phone # and LinkedIn connection.
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And great point about how Seeking Alpha writers can find a welcoming home here!
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Congratz on the job! I enjoyed our interactions and let's hope that compliance can look the other way
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@stonkmetal I hope compliance can look the other way 🤞. If compliance doesn’t look the other way, I will greatly miss the opportunities we have to interact with each other.
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All the best @dissectmarkets !
Dissecting the Markets's avatar
@porchester thank you my friend! I will miss interacting with you on CS.
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Sad to see you go. Your content is unique. Nevertheless, we wish you the best in your new endeavors 🙌🏻🙌🏻
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@stockopine without your strong support on my journey in making unique, I wouldn’t have made the amazing memos that I’ve made on this platform. Please keep writing more great content on this platform!

The momentum you have from writing the $URI article will help you write even greater content. I can’t wait to see the amazing memos you’ll write in the future.
StockOpine's avatar
@dissectmarkets thank you our friend for your words. We will keep it up and will continue deliver. We will miss your work! Best of luck.
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@dissectmarkets Good luck for the future and all the best!
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@kostofff thank you 🙏
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Congrats on the job. It's been great to have your content here on Commonstock. Fingers crossed that you get to keep your account, would be sad to see you leave.
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@joeyhirendernath hopefully compliance will let me keep my account and let me write more great content on this platform🤞. If not, I’m going to miss all the interactions we had on CS.
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This made me so sad :( but also excited for what is to come for you.

Hoping you ultimately get to keep it, but would love to stay in touch some way if not!
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@investmenttalk we definitely need to keep in touch! What’s your preferred method of communication?
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Congrats on the new job!! Gonna miss talking to you
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@christian7621 I’m going to miss conversing with you! Thank you for supporting me on my CS journey 🙏
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@dissectmarkets as someone who works in the compliance field I say it’s okay to stay on commonstock lol
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no job is worth leaving CS.... but congrats anyway!!
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@007 I loved your comment! I’m going to miss all the interactions we had with each other on CS.
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@dissectmarkets in all seriousness, it's been a real joy and education to read your stuff. assuming you're heading to a job in the space, they're lucky to have you!
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Sad to see you go but best of luck moving forward!
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Oh my goodness! We're going to miss you, @dissectmarkets. I have enjoyed learning from and interacting with you a lot. It speaks to your integrity that you want to adhere to compliance rather than, say, continuing a presence here anonymously. hint hint. JUST KIDDING! Really! :) Thank you for taking the opportunity to say bye and enjoy your new job! What a way to kick off 2023. Congratulations!
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Sad to hear this news, loved reading your posts. Best of luck!
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Congrats and best of luck!
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Congrats @dissectmarkets!! I am both happy and sad to hear this news. Happy for you, but sad we may lose your voice. I have truly enjoyed your writing and insights and you have helped broaden my horizons along with providing new and interesting information. 🙏🙏
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Life is about a journey that pivots you from one focus to another. Sad that I wont be indulging in your thought-provoking posts but equally happy that you've got a new path of possibility in your life.

All the best in your future endeavours.



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