I am considering starting a small position in $FB as I think in the long term they might have a meaningful play in Web 3. Would love to hear thoughts from anyone else investing in companies focusing on Web 3 and what companies are they invested it considering
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I don't think FB is a great "Web3" investment personally, when the majority of their revenue comes from Web2 advertising products. Their ambitions to build the next platform, or enhance communication through AR/VR is a decade-long project. You might be interested to read my comments on their most recent earnings below.

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I’m adding to my $FB position because they’re the a great company at below fair value. I’m not sure I’d bet on them being much of a force in crypto world. They can try but the more they try the less I’ll like it as an investment. If they’re going to chase trends, I’ll pass. I need them to do what they do best.