Good morning contrarians! Stock futures are mixed on what looks to be a quiet day…

A layoff announcement from $GOOGL reminds us however that companies like to use Fridays as the day to release this stuff, presumably because there will be fewer people around to notice (including on trading desks and news bureaus).

Speaking of which, crypto lender Genesis just announced their bankruptcy filing (in fairness that occurred late last night. And was hardly a surprise). There don’t seem to be many concerns that the crypto stuff could bleed into other parts of the market. Or for that matter if cryptos will even drop in value very much. That may be correct or it could present an opportunity for those wishing to make contrarian bets…

But yeah, some of the most volatile days in markets often start off looking benign and quiet. This at least means we should keep paying attention. Next week should see more of the same with few economic data releases worth paying attention to, though we do get a bunch of earnings. The week after that we’ll have the Fed of course. But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. Enjoy the weekend.

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