First-Hand Knowledge: Shopify
The Legendary investor Peter Lynch once gave this advice:

"Use your first-hand knowledge to hone in on stocks you can analyze, study them and then decide if they’re worth owning. The best way to invest is to look at companies competing in a field you are familiar with"

I recently got the chance to experience a Shopify site first hand. My cousin Jesse is running his STG Fitness business through Shopify (You can check it out here). I was impressed at how seamless it was to take a look at inventory and buy a T-shirt.

Shopify ($SHOP) sets up e-commerce websites for small businesses, and partners with others to handle digital payments and shipping.

From using Jesse's site, I can tell they are doing a great job. While becoming familiar with a company isn't enough by itself to buy the stock, its a good starting place to begin investigating more.

First-hand knowledge is a great place to start your investing investigation.

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