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30th August Trading Recap
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The Daily and 1hr Charts show EURUSD in an uptrend, and we look to bouncing from
the trend support. Bias is on longs.

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Rushed the EUR trade without properly looking at the 1hr Chart or zooming out on the 5m chart. FOMO
without proper preparation, and heavily distracted by the boys. As a result, I didn't see that a resistance
had been rejected twice and that we were quite close to it.

5m chart showed clear buying pressure at UK Open followed by a deep correction.
After the correction, price shot up strongly before starting another correction.
Upon reaching the previous Swing High, there was still clear buying pressure and a big bullish
bar formed which I used to get in.

Once I realised my FOMO, SL was immediately moved to break even and TP adjusted to 1:1 (which
coincided with the resistance area).

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Frustrating, as I could have had a lot more here. Had I been focusing and concentrating,
considering the 1hr and 5m charts properly, I believe I could have had the meat of this move.

The move down from resistance was a textbook example of a correction and there was no clear
selling pressure. This movement would also have fallen into the "Consolidation Trap at Resistance" setup.

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Letting my emotions get the better of me now. Frustrations of closing the previous trade go too early coupled with distractions from my 9-5
were precursors to this trade.

The rationale for the trade was that we have continued up and are bouncing from 5m Micro Levels.
We formed and broke a bullish bar at the most recent 5m Micro Level.

This trade failed very quickly. Considering commissions involved, small but real net loss for the

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