Will ARKK rebound down the road?
  • ARKK biggest draggers in 2022 ... TSLA not the biggest but others even more ...
  • note: ARKK +10% in 2023 ... if by chance rates and inflation fall fast, likely a rebound will snap ? ... 'interest rates play'

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Will ARKK rebound down the road?
13 VotesPoll ended on: 1/18/2023
Joey Hirendernath's avatar
What time span are you looking at when you say down the road?
Rihard Jarc's avatar
Down the road for sure. Question is when is the bounce sustainable.
Joshua Simka's avatar
It most likely will. The market will again award innovators and biotech a premium valuation at some point down the road. And not all the stocks in the fund need to come back for the fund to be very successful.
Nathan Worden's avatar
Down the road, I think yes, the question is, can ARKK survive that long



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