$MSFT recently announced that the new Xbox TV app will stream games without a console, starting on Samsung 2022 smart TVs.
This is a huge step towards a console-less world. Cloud gaming is a brilliant concept with obvious benefits to users and subscription revenue for providers.

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That’s huge!
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Love me some Xbox! Are you in $ATVI at all?
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@dividenddollars Actually, I looked at $ATVI today, but I can't bring myself to buy it because of the slow FCF growth. Not my cup of tea.
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I’m curious to try it once will be out. I think that sooner than later, also the normal Window will work with such system. Less hardware at home, more clouds 😀
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Makes sense for $MSFT and the whole industry. But without the consoles the barriers to entry become smaller IMO ($NFLX, $DIS...).
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@rihardjarc If $NFLX or $DIS wanted to be in gaming I don't think it's developing a console that would hold them back, would it?
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@tomato Probably would tho, making a successful console is not that easy, specially building an ecosystem around that so that game studio develop content for it even harder. Users want a "platform" on which they can play multiple games, but if you take out the hardware part and can just play those games on a TV app, it opens the doors to new competitors because no more hardware problem.
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Very elegant. I'm kind of surprised we don't have this already...