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AMA "Ask Me Anything" • Wednesday, May 4, 2022
Want my value-oriented take on something? Let's have a chinwag.

Topics such as bubbles, asset valuation, monetary policy, portfolio construction, and even my gnarliest shanks, are all fair game.

I can't promise a good or even insightful answer, but I'll do my best. I'm also not afraid to say "I don't know" or "I was wrong."


My background: I studied mathematics and business. Spent a decade in hedge funds, mutual funds, and VC. Wrote a book about the history of financial bubbles. Now I manage a private fund and publish a value-oriented fortnightly journal of financial markets.
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Hi Edmund
Out of the list of 10 most significant bubbles in history listed below which one did you enjoy writing about the most in your book and why?

The Roman Land Collapse (33 AD)
The Dutch Tulip Mania (1637)
The South Sea Company (1720)
The Mississippi Company (1720)
US Land Panics (1819, 1837 and 1857)
The Roaring '20s (1921-1929)
The Japanese Asset Bubble (1986-1991)
Beanie Babies (1995-1999)
The Tech Bubble (1995-2000)
The US Housing bubble (2005-2008)
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Roman land and beanie babies, for two reasons:
1) They're the least known and covered.
2) They happened 2000 years apart in totally different assets, in different places, with different consequences, but were both exemplary demonstrations of the human condition and bubble dynamics.