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Tech layoffs
November has been a brutal month for tech layoffs, with companies such as Meta, Twitter, and Stripe laying off thousands of employees.
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Crazy how Twitter keeps getting mentioned as the bad guy with regard to tech layoffs when $META is leading the charge
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@sidnistandard Most will only focus on what they're shown. An advantage if looked at through a different perspective.
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@buyingyourtime this is extremely insightful. Truly a life lesson!
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@sidnistandard While I feel bad for everyone that gets fired in mass layoffs like this at the same time it is something that companies must do, if they over hired. If the companies don't survive and make profits there will be no jobs so market must be efficient.
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I am mostly worried about the repercussion of such layoffs on the real estate market in North California. I am long $ESS, and these people are their tenants.
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Maybe we won't see that much in December but my hunch is that January and February will be even more brutal. My guess is $AMZN makes some big layoffs at the start of next year.