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My $UNP $HSY trades
As part of my progress toward getting to 20 boring, stodgy, stable, (mostly) dividend paying positions in my 401k, I opened positions in UNP and HSY last week.

The buy mapped over to Commonstock incorrectly. There are two transaction for UNP and two for HSY, not 4 and 1.
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Great timing on $UNP
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@averageinvestor I'm currently buying every two weeks until the most cost basis matches my other positions. That'll probably take until the end of the year so I expect I'll be buying all over the place as UNP swings around due to the impending strike.
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$HSY is a great company to have the basket! Gotta give credit to @scorebdinvestor, as his perspective is what made me want to do my research on the company and eventually start a position.

Did you post about the creation of your dividend portfolio previously? I am only asking as I would love to know your objective/motivations for sharting one and what you plan to achieve with this.
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@joeyhirendernath I actually wasn't using Commonstock when I started this 401k so there're no posts about it specifically. I changed jobs in August 2021 and decided my new portfolio should be stable, dividend paying companies. I have a couple of those peppered throughout my existing retirement and taxable brokerages ($HD, $COST, $AMT, $AAPL, $F, $SBUX to name a few) but its mostly higher risk tech growth. My only objective was to very slowly begin to reduce risk with a goal of building out 20 positions (10 traditional 401k, 10 roth 401k). I'm currently at 9 and 8, respectively, so I'll add one more to roth soon and then eventually add one more to each side when I find something that tickles my fancy.

My only plan is to buy great companies that I think can be market beaters over the long-term.
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@joeyhirendernath Also, shoutout to the CCM guys (@ccm_brett & @ccm_ryan). Their Not So Deep Dive on $HSY put it on my radar when I had never considered it before.
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@interrobangbros Thanks Steve! That's our goal with the show and glad to see people putting our episodes to good use