Interview: Leatt Corporation
Today we released an interview with Twitter personality DeepSailCapital covering microcap company $LEAT. The company sells sports gear and safety equipment for the extreme sports market

We hit what they do, valuation, and why he thinks the stock is cheap at today's prices.

Has anyone heard of this company? It has an interesting business model and looks pretty cheap if you believe it can steadily grow revenue from here

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I'll have to take a listen. I've enjoyed learning about $LEAT here on Commonstock. Check out @mavix's thorough work on them
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@tomato Let me know what you think!
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Great Podcast about a great company with a fantastic Founder! Maybe my write-up is also interesting for you :)

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@mavix I'll check it out! Thanks for sharing
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Wonderful podcast and nice work. Love this co, one of my top positions.
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@rahulsetty Thank you for listening!