Jon Gall was talking about Buy Now, Pay Later well before the space started blowing up in August. Check out this memo he wrote back in March πŸ‘€.

Affirm was $80 then. Today they are at $147.

Also picking up on this trend early: @gmishra, @c, @lazycapital, and @patwallen

And @growthinvesting is doing a great job of covering $AFRM's partnership with Amazon. Lots of great people paying attention to this space. by @jongall45
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What a blast from the past- amazing how Commonstock has ideas so early on ... if only I had executed on even half of them ...
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You leaving out yo boy!! I went long on affirm and afterpay and more than doubled my money!
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@patwallen adding you now! πŸ˜„ sorry I missed you!
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@nathanworden chipping away at my 5 minutes! Haha
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@patwallen πŸ˜„restart the shot clock! ⏰